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Fort McMurray Relief

The Fort McMurray fires have weighed very heavily on all of us these past two weeks. We are shocked and saddened with the scope and seriousness of the losses and we feel very badly for the residents and workers who have been evacuated.

Some people have lost everything and some people will return to find everything intact. Notwithstanding the miracle that no one has died in these fires, the emotional and psychological toll is unbearable for many.

The toll on the Province of Alberta, already suffering from a recession, is immense and the economy will suffer further until Ft McMurray is rebuilt by the hard work and grit of the people of this Province.

We salute everyone including the emergency services, police and firefighters, as well as the many, many thousands volunteers who have come forth to help with this tradegy and those who have donated thus far.

Sinclair Cragg LLP has considered what we may do to try and help with the relief effort and although individuals in this office have made personal donations, we have decided that we need to do more.

We are announcing that for all our house transactions for the month of June 2016, our office will be donating $50.00 from every one of our closings to the Ft McMurray relief effort. Our goal is to reach 100 closings to come up with $5,000.00 to help with the relief.

We appreciate your support and referrals every time of the year but this year we hope that we can do more to help others with those referrals.

Thank you for your support and we hope for a speedy recovery for the City of Ft McMurray and the Province of Alberta.


New Announcement

We are happy to announce that Sinclair Law Office is now Sinclair Cragg LLP. If you have any inquiries, please contact Bradley Sinclair or Jessica Cragg at your convenience.

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